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Introducing Floorskinz
Advanced Floor Underlayment

Made from Polyolefin and finished bright yellow with a grid pattern on one side, Florskinz™ meets the strictest construction guidelines. Florskinz™ integrated layer system provides air circulation while preventing against the transmission of debris, water or moisture through its seal. The top layer consists of a large grid pattern to assist with the measurement and installation of any floor ensuring that Florskinz™ and your new your new floor are perfectly aligned, saving time and allowing ease during installation and renovation.

Florskinz™ Layer System
Professional Grade Layers

Florskinz™ is an innovative flooring underlayment designed specifically for nailed hardwood and engineered flooring, carpet/underpad and floating non-stick flooring.

Florskinz™ are composed of three, integrated, professional grade layers.

Top Layer
Measurement grid to assist with installation, an insulated layer softens noise and reduces floor squeaking.

Middle Layer
Locks our moisture, dust, mold while enhancing the alignment of the floor.

Bottom Layer
A spray on wax adhesive that assists with ease of installation. allowing the flooring to slide into place for quick installation

Multi Use
For Different Situations

Florskinz™ are based on a price that makes them affordable as underlays for permanent flooring or as overlays to protect your newly laid floor from footprints, dust and debris that occur during renovation and moving. Florskinz™ effectively gaurd against moisture and allergens and also act as a mild sound barrier by preventing squeeking of wood on wood when flooring shrinks or expands slightly according to the homes climate.

Moisture Barrier
Tight Seal

Florskinz™ prevents water from seeping through to the substrate floor. It can also be wrapped up around a wall behind the baseboard to create a tight seal around the room. Florskinz™ also protects from pet waste seeping through the substrate floor, preventing long-term damage and odour.